Each aspect of our software is tailor made to client request. We will work with you to accommodate and realize your specific needs.

Our software is to your specific needs
We recognise branding is important to you. We maintain your branding by various customisations. Thus your website and your software blends seamlessly together.

Your Branding

Implementation of your colour scheme and logo

Quote System

We can send you all your customers’ choices
through one click to your website.

Personalised Scenes

Do you have an image that sells?
We can integrate any image into your software.

Do you have layouts unique to your product? Do you have specific grout colours to compliment your product? We work with you to get your product looking its best.

Custom Layouts

In addition to all standard patterns,
we program unique layouts with option
to show in any laying direction.

Custom Grouts

We offer a choice of standard colours and textures.
In addition we can facilitate any client grout.

Joint Widths

Tumbled products may look better with wide joints,
modern sawn products may look better with tight joints;
Our software offers this option.

You know your customers better than we do. Some want to see a certain colour, some want to see all of a certain product. We adjust your software to your audience.


Useful for large collections, products can be
broken down into smaller groups.

Colour Grouping

Create your own custom colour grouping categories.

Product Order

Sort your products alphabetically or best sellers first.

Default Landing Page

Choose which filter group is set by default at the start of a session.